Allahabad Province Congregation of Jesus

The members are engaged in various ministries such as Education, Social work, Health Care, Pastoral Care, Care of mentally Challenged children, Counselling and Vocational Training.

Education: Mary Ward saw education as a key to the development of women and the society. Education has been the main Apostolate of the Congregation from the time of its Foundress although the concept of education has changed in the course of years. Responding to the needs of the times, the changing economic, political, social, cultural and religious conditions, the nature of education has changed. It has come to be viewed as a means to social change and transformation.

The Province runs three big English medium schools, a Teacher’s Training College, and a Hindi Medium High School and three parallel Hindi Medium Schools:

These are prestigious schools that impart quality education to children. St. Mary’s Inter College at Allahabad has rendered services for more than 145 years.

One CJ sister is a professor at SHIATS College of Education,

In the following institutions the CJ sisters collaborate with the Diocese of Allahabad in administering schools:

  • St. John’s College, Fatehpur,
  • St. Mary’s School , Taraon (Meja).
  • Sata Sahay Mata Junior High school, Kapoori (Meja)
  • St. Thomas School (Hindi Medium), Chunar
  • St. Mary’s School (English Medium), Chunar.
  • St. Joseph’s College, Rihand Nagar
  • St. Mary’s English Academy at Fatehpur, a joint venture of Allahabad Province and IMS Society, Varanasi
The CJ sisters work with the Diocese of Varanasi in:
  • St. John’s School at Ghazipur
  • Asha Niketan School at Bhawanipur ( for the mentally challenged Children)