Allahabad Province Congregation of Jesus

Human spirit is elevated to the Divine by the panoramic view and the scenic beauty of this creation of the Almighty. By the same Almighty human beings are given a mandate to be co-creators and he is doing real wonders I must say as I pen these few lines for the CJ Website as the newly appointed Provincial Superior. I am sure it is because of man’s brain and intelligence that the modern technology such as Internet, Facebook, Twitter, blog etc are made available.

My predecessor Sr. Sumita C J launched the CJ Website for the first time at the closing of the fourth centenary of the foundation of our congregation. Now again at the revamping of the website, I am more than happy to say that it is another 4th centenary of the completion of the plan of the congregation namely the Just Soul vision by which Our Foundress was confirmed of the will of God for her and her companions.

It is apt to recall that Venerable Mother Mary Ward, the Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (now known as the Congregation of Jesus), grew up at a time when English Catholics suffered persecution, loss of property, honour and even life for the sake of their faith. Mary received much light from God on the excellence of religious life that she decided to embrace this state of perfection at a very young age. “To be wholly God’s” was all about what religious life was for Mary Ward. That expresses the way in which she understood God’s call to her.

Mary was given the courage to undertake a completely new and unheard of way of life for religious women and one that was to be rejected as an absurd challenge to the social order of the day. Mary earned many enemies for daring to be different. Institute was suppressed, herself imprisoned as a heretic, her schools closed, companions dispensed from vows- Mary stood firm for she knew for sure her dream would come true in the end.

God revealed His plans for her through the Gloria Vision in1609 which was the birth of the Institute. It belongs to our Institute heritage and it is at the root of our vocation to the CJ family. The only aim of her life was praise and glory of God in everything. The glory of God was to be her own end and that of her Institute—to live for the glory of God under the banner of the Cross.

Had Mary Ward been alive today, she would have been a dashing woman to communicate the love of Jesus to each and every one in need. Today the responsibility rests on our shoulders and all the advanced technology is at our door step. I wish all our ex-students, parents, well wishers, friends and benefactors for a stronger relationship, better connectivity, fruitful communication and renewed faith in one and all through the CJ Website - …… “CJ Allahabad” to achieve ‘Union of hearts’ as Venerable Mary Ward desired.

God bless You.

Sr. Roshni CJ
Provincial Superior