Allahabad Province Congregation of Jesus

How do you begin as a member of the C.J.?

Discernment: Working out if you have a vocation to religious life . It requires a process of careful reflection and prayer. If you feel called to explore this option for your life, you can speak to any sister of the congregation of Jesus and ask her about her experience of religious life. For a more focused enquiry, contact the Provincial/Vocation promoter, St. Mary’s Convent, 21 Thornhill Road, Allahabad, U.P.

You could make a retreat to discern how God is at work in your life and where God may be leading you.

Come and see programme: Getting to know the communities and being known by them is a key step towards joining the Congregation of Jesus. Good Catholic girls who desire to follow Jesus in loving service, after completing at least their schooling can attend this ‘Come and See Programme’ to explore life as a C.J. Sister. They may begin the application process. The formation process includes a period of 2-3 years of cultural integration, religious and academic study. A three year period of integral spiritual formation called postulancy and noviceship, daily mass and meditation, the making of the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius in a 30 day retreat, and study of the constitutions and the scripture are means to deepen one’s relationship with God. Under the guidance of the novice director, first vows are taken at the end of the noviceship. Then follows a period of at least 6 years of temporary profession during which sisters receive professional training for mission and spend time in apostolic ministry, and get integrated into the world wide C.J. family. A further period of intense spiritual reflection and apostolic training, known as the ‘tertianship’ for a period of seven months is offered before the final vows.

Mission is at the heart of our life- the expression of our intimate relationship with God and our sense of call. Each sister brings her own gifts and aptitudes to the congregation, in different stages of formation . The focus of this mission may be prayer and reflection, study or apostolic work, but all of it is aimed towards the building of God’s kingdom and personal growth in faith.