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Allahabad Province Assembly - October, November, 2017
  • Event Date: 04-Dec-2017
  • Updated On: 04-Dec-2017
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Description: Awake, Arise… Go Forth In The Foot Steps Of Jesus As Companions On Mission..the clarion call for the Allahabad Province gathering was given months in advance by the Provincial superior Sr. Roshni CJ. Preparations startedin great earnest, spiritually as well as physically.The sacred gathering of the Province Assembly began with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rt. Rev. Dr.Raphy Manjali, Bishop of the Allahabad Diocese on 19th October 2017. Bishop in his address stressed the need to be rooted in Jesus to bear much fruit in the mission that is entrusted to us.At the outset, a glowing tribute was paid to all our dear departed sisters who have made the Province what it is today by placing a floral wreath on the crucifix symbolizing Eternity. Our Facilitator was Sr. Celine CJ who is a reservoir of knowledge and spirituality of Mother Mary Ward. The theme of the Province Assembly was well explained by Sr. Celine and Sr.Salesia by means of various scripture references. A prayerful procession to the assembly hall carrying a statue of the pilgrim Mary Ward, reminding us that we all are pilgrims here on earth and must walk in the footsteps of Jesus to reach our goal. Placards highlighting the three Visions of Mary Ward - The Gloria Vision – that marks the beginning of Mary’s mission to found the Institute, Take the same of the Society - (understood as the Society of Jesus)-the path of the journey, and The Just Soul vision – the quality of the journeyers.The procession halted at three places to reflect upon the three Visions, before reaching the venue.The official deliberations began with the keynote address by Sr. Roshni who began with the message of the last Province Assembly 2013, “ Set the hearts on fire and behold I make all things new” connecting the past with the present. The main thrust of her address was the glimpses of the reality in which we live as CJS, the profile of the Province, and our responsibility towards the present scenario. The three-day assembly ended with a note of determination and readiness to be rootedness in God, have a passion for Christ, to be courageous prophets ready to take risks, to be women of hope and to go beyond our limits where the need is greater. With a profound thanksgiving to the Almighty and to the organizers as well as participants, the Assembly dispersed to take a launch into their respective mission with renewed vigour and enthusiasm and empowered to do greater things.