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  • Event Date: 01-May-2021
  • Updated On: 01-May-2021
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Description: On 1st May 2021, during a simple yet inspiring morning prayer session in SMC Provincial House Chapel, in a spirit of joyful gratitude Sr. Shweta Kalapurackel CJ was missioned as the new Provincial Superior of CJ Allahabad Province. As a prelude to the official ceremony, Sr. Jane Chennakudy highlighted some of the distinctive Ignatian-Mary Ward Leadership traits with a wheel-symbol, coming from Christ, moving down through Mary Ward and her successors, reaching now Sr. Shweta from Sr. Roshni, who has gracefully steered this wheel of Province leadership during her term. CJ leadership involves a lived experience, deeply rooted in the CJ history. The wheel stands for the journey beyond the current situation – beyond what is, to what could be. Each part the wheel- hub, spokes, and rim -corresponds to an aspect of CJ leadership.Just as a wheel needs to be balanced by spokes, centered properly on a hub and encircled by a rim, so too the wheel of CJ leadership is to be centered on Christ’s mission, balanced by the spokes of CJ core values embedded in the Gospels, the Spiritual Exercises, the Constitutions and the Just Soul.They pave the path for the CJ’s to walk on and balance the holistic growth of the Province.The circular rim of CJ Leadership wheel is discerning love which strengthens the union of hearts in genuine companionship applied to choices, decisions and policy that blends the twofold CJ Leadership role- care for persons and care for mission. We are happy that God has blessed Sr. Shweta with a good measure of these leadership traits and pray that her personal, interpersonal and organizational leadership skills be enriched by these traits to lead the Province in a way that is discerning, process oriented, collaborative, and creative. May the Lord who called her to this sacred ministry walk with her as she keeps steering the wheel accepting the new vision for the Province which the Spirit will show. Sr. Roshni then passed on the wheel of leadership to Sr. Shweta who placed it before the altar, symbolizing the offering of herself to the service of the Church, the Province and the people around. After expressing her sentiments of gratitude to the General Leadership for the guidance and support, her team for their collaboration and all the members of the Province for their co-operation, Sr. Roshni, officially missioned Sr. Shweta as the new Provincial Superior of CJ Allahabad Province.She handed a copy of the Constitution of the CJ, the seal and a crucifix to the new Provincial. Then all present stretched out their hand towards Sr. Shweta and implored God’s blessings on her while a hymn to the Holy Spirit was sung. The ceremony was symbolic and heart-warming. Due to lock down this sacred event was witnessed by the Sisters of 21 community and the candidates only. Sr. Shweta expressed her gratitude to the Generalate Leadership, the outgoing Provincial Superior, Sr Roshni and her team for their valuable service to the province and announced the names of her Consultors: 1. Sr.M. Sumita Pinto CJ 2. Sr.M. Martha Masih CJ 3. Sr.M. Prabha Payappilly CJ 4. Sr.M. Marina Kunnuthara CJ Provincial Secretary: Sr. M. Sharon Plapparambil CJ Provincial Bursar: Sr. M. Neeta Nambiattukudy CJ This was followed by felicitation of the new Provincial Sr. Shweta and Sr. Martha, the only team member present as well as the out -going Provincial Sr. Roshni and Sr. Jane, the only team member present. As we sincerely thank Sr. Roshni and her team for their generous services to the Province, we rejoice with Sr. Shweta, congratulate her warmly and implore God’s blessings on her and her team for a joyful, fruitful term of office.