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  • Event Date: 30-Jan-2021
  • Updated On: 02-Feb-2021
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Description: Oh give Thanks to the Lord! The Congregation of Jesus Allahabad Province celebrated the religious Final Profession of Sr. Ruby CJ, and the renewal of vows of Srs. Tara, Punam, Maria Goretti, Alma and Delna on 30th Jan 2021. The long awaited day of the Final Profession of Sr. Ruby dawned in a spirit of joy and gladness in SMC campus which was all set for the ceremony... Fr. Louis, the administrator of the diocese of Allahabad was the officiating priest at the Eucharist while four more priests joined him in the con-celebration. The tastefully arranged floral decorations in the chapel, refectory etc. as well as the melodious singing of the SMC choir added beauty, meaning and devotion to the service. During the Eucharistic celebration with joyful hearts and radiant faces, Sister Ruby pronounced her final vows in the presence of the assembled priests and Sisters and Sr. Tara renewed her vows for another year to follow Jesus unconditionally to serve His Church. On the same day Srs. Punam, Maria Goretti, Alma & Delna renewed their vows in their respective communities. “It was indeed a special day of thanksgiving and celebration for CJ Sisters for God’s gift of Srs. Ruby, Tara, Punam, Maria Goretti, Alma & Delna to the Church and to the Congregation. We wish and pray that they live life to the fullest. After felicitating the brides in the refectory all shared a sumptuous meal prepared with great love by the Sisters. We encourage the brides into a holy perseverance. Thank you and congratulations!