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Provincial Congregation 2019 in Prayagraj-Day 1
  • Event Date: 30-Aug-2019
  • Updated On: 30-Aug-2019
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Description: Participants-50 Method : Personal reflection on guiding questions - conversation - reporting at plenary. Back drop: a model of the river of Mary Ward’s charism flowing from Christ into PC. Opening: 27th morning Sr. Roshni, officially declared Provincial Congregation open. A spiritual journey along the river of charism and PC theme ensured that delegates were well disposed to enter fully into PC. Members were to seek ANSWERS to four pivotal questions : 1. Who are we together? ( microcosm of One Body on mission) 2. Where is God leading us today? ( to today’s calls) 3. Who is God calling us to be? (Just souls in right relationship) 4. What is God calling us to do? (make a difference; co-create future for mission.) • Prisca, the facilitator highlighted PC dynamics- ‘U’ process, Mental Models, Features of GC2020. Global Issues that moved us: i. Cry of the homeless, landless, jobless, migrants, broken families, victims of violation of human rights, increasing inequality... ii. Cry of Earth: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Redeem ... iii. Reality of CJ/ IBVM demography. Challenges : Body and its fitness for mission, its diminishing witness value, decreasing vocation, keeping our charism dynamic and evolving by responding to changing needs. • Let go: self-love, self- will, self- interest, boundaries. • Let come: Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice as integrating factor of all ministries and life. • Discernment for election of delegates to G C • Election Results: First delegate -Sumita Pinto. Second delegate -Jane Chennakudyil. First substitute- JyotiPuliammakiyle. Second substitute- Marion Thuruthikattu. GC 11 Calls: Consolation: some steps taken at all levels to address each call. Desolation: inconsistency in carrying them forward. Proposals welcomed : • Amalgamation of Allahabad - Delhi • CJ- IBVM- Jesuit Collaboration Our commitment to care of Earth was expressed in planting saplings by delegates; others receiving saplings in closing session at 6.00 pm Members expressed positive feedback in evaluation.