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Day of Consecration
  • Event Date: 01-Feb-2018
  • Updated On: 01-Feb-2018
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Description: On 1st Feb. 2018 at around 6 0’clock in the evening, the three communities of SMC ‘21’, SMC ‘32’ and Mary Ward Bhawan (Rajapur) gathered in the daintily and tastefully decorated chapel in 21 for a special celebration. The day was very significant for our three Junior sisters= Amala, Ruby and Arpitawhowould renew their Vows for a further period of one year and for the four young Novices-Srs. Maria Goretti, Sr. Poonam, Sr. Alma and Sr. Delna - who have completed their Novitiate, would receive their religious dress which they were to don for the first time the next day for their First Profession. The altar, adorned with lovely, fresh flowers and colourful candles looked beautiful, creating an atmosphere of loveliness and purity. The celebration began with the solemn entrance of the celebrant priests, brides, the Formators and the Provincial. The three brides of the day took their place at the right side of the altar while the four young Novices took their place on the left side. The Holy Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Isidore D’Souza (the Chief Celebrant) and Fr. Stephen Manoj. Sr. Bhawna gave the introduction to the day’s celebration; the Choir, under the expertise of Sr. Renu, Sr. Florence and Fr. Linto, rendered the whole celebration very solemn and beautiful by their melodious and soulful music. Fr. Isidore made the day all the more meaningful and memorable for the young brides by his inspiring homily. At the doxology the three sisters pronounced their vows, thus surrendering their lives in the service of their Master. Fr. S. Manoj blessed the religious dresses and the Provincial gave away the religious dress to the Novices. Immediately after Mass, the photographers clicked the photos, thus capturing the memorable moments for the Brides. After the solemn celebration, all gathered in the dining room for the festive meal. The brides cut the cake while the choir sang lustily congratulating them. After grace, all began to enjoy the home cooked, tasty meal, prepared lovingly by Sr. Prerita and her team of helpers.